Gold Range Metal Sheds

Shanette Gold Range Insulated Garden Sheds. These Metal Sheds have 40mm Insulated Roof & Wall Insulation. These FULLY Insulated steel sheds have KINGSPAN Firesafe Insulated composite panels 40mm thick, these panels are Insurer approved and are of a very high quality with a proven U Value.

Barretts Shanette Gold Range of Steel Garden Sheds


Shanette Gold Range of Steel Garden Sheds

The Shanette Goldrange of steel garden sheds comes complete with roof lights and completely insulated with 40mm insulation all round. 
These buildings are not the normal 'Tin' sheds you see in many superstores or advertised online, these are well constructed quality buildings that will last a lifetime with little or no maintenance.



Barretts Gold Range of Garden sheds for exeptional weather protection

The Gold range are Insulated Garden Sheds with 40mm roof & wall insulation.

The Gold Range is a  step up from the Standard Garden shed range, the Shantte Gold Range of Insulated Garden Sheds come with 40mm fully insulated walls and roof panels. these are FULLY Insulated sheds with KINGSPAN Firesafe Insulated composite panels 40mm thick, these panels are Insurer approved and are of a very high quality with a proven U Value.

These composite panels have a metal sheet each side of the insulation, the outer sheet is PVC coated in a colour of your choice, for long lasting climate protection, the inner sheet has a white metal backing leaving the unit bright inside.

These Gold range units have the advantage of retaining heat when they are heated. Although these units will have to be adequately heated so as to achieve ideal storage conditions for certain stored products.

The special designer Shanette roofing system prevents condensation when the shed is heated. If you need to achieve ideal storage conditions for some stored items you can heat them if required. 

 These units are excellent for dry storage for many items.

The Gold range Shed Sizes

  • 10′ x 9’6″.
    13′ x 9’6″.
    16′ x 9’6″.
    20′ x 9’6″.

Gold Range Insulated Garden Sheds are the ideal  to use funitor:

Home Office
Heated Storage
Recording studio
Utility Room
Classic Car Storage
Hobby Room
Beauty Salon

The Features

The exclusive feature of these Shanette sheds is their built-up, Special Roof and Wall insulation system that has been designed and developed by Shanette and is composed of::

  • Framework made from heavy duty structural grade, hardened, fully Galvanised sections.

  • Kingspan Insulated panels used through out the unit, this insulation is 40mm thick, firesafe and insurer approved.

  • Kingspan polycarbonate clearlights are standard on all units.

  • Aluminium gutters are standard on all insulated units in Black or White.

Colours for the Barretts Gold Range Garden Sheds

Important note on roof insulation: Some other shed manufacturers use a “non drip” sheeting on their roofs. This is a soft felt type of fabric which is bonded to the underside of the roof cladding to try and control any condensation that may build up. When condensation occurs the fabric absorbs it, although the underside of the roof still remains wet and although it may stop most of the water dripping this product cannot be classed as insulation. “Non drip sheeting” does not have the same properties as the fully insulted roofing system used on our Shanette buildings.

Optional Extras