Wood Effect Metal Garages

Shanette Wood Effect metal garages. These Wood Effect steel garages can be fully insulated and built to your specification The result is an aesthetically pleasing exterior with all the benefits that a tough, durable steel frame brings

Shanette Wood Effect Metal Garage Range 

Wood Effect Metal Garages

Attractive & Maintenance Free Wood-Effect Metal Garages

These Wood-Effect metal garages offer a pleasing alternative to a traditional steel clad building.  This PVC Wood effect metal cladding alternative is fixed to the exterior of these steel framed Metal Garages. The Wood-Effect facade can be put on all 4 sides of a unit or 1, 2 or 3 sides depending on your requirements.



 Wood-Effect Metal Garages

The result of adding the Wood-Effect clading is an aesthetically pleasing exterior along with all the benefits, including large open spans, high eaves, ready accommodation of large door sizes allowing access for equipment etc., 

The improved appearance of our wood effect metal garages is they are maintenance-free and comes in a variety of colours, Golden Oak or Mahogany.

On offer is a variety of façade cladding options, including a range of timbers and profiles including Shiplap and Plank profile cladding.

These façade profiles are manufactured from high-quality plastic materials and coated with a U-V resistant Renolit foil which has proven itself in exterior use on pvc windows and doors across Europe. This maintenance-free façade provides durability.


Important note on roof insulation: Some other shed manufacturers use a “non drip” sheeting on their roofs. This is a soft felt type of fabric which is bonded to the underside of the roof cladding to try and control any condensation that may build up. When condensation occurs the fabric absorbs it, although the underside of the roof still remains wet and although it may stop most of the water dripping this product cannot be classed as insulation. “Non drip sheeting” does not have the same properties as the fully insulted roofing system used on our Shanette buildings.