Bronze Range Metal Garages

Shanette Bronze Range Roof Insulated Metal Garages. These CE Certified Bronze Range Insulated steel garages are built from the finest quality PVC coated, galvanised steel cladding and strong galvanised frames

Shanette Bronze Metal Garage Range with Roof Insulation

Bronze Metal Garages with 25mm Roof Insulation

Bring your cars, motorbikes or large equipment, in out of all weathers into our quality metal storage buildings to keep them safe and dry? These Bronze Range metal garages with 25mm Roof Insulation are just the answer!



 Bronze Metal Garages with 25mm Roof Insulation Provide the Idea Choice

Your car is probably your biggest investment after buying your house and you want to protect this investment by making sure that your car is stored in condensation free dry conditions, our Bronze range of Insulated Garages is just the building for this.

The CE Certified Bronze Garage Range of Insulated garages are built from the finest quality PVC coated, galvanised steel cladding and strong galvanised frames, this makes them super tough and extremely durable. This range of insulated garages are unique, their strength, quality, style, and finish are unmatched by any other manufacturer. 

Our Manufacturing Standards

Shanette Insulated Garages are manufactured according to the building standards CE Certification. These certifications apply to the design of buildings and the requirements for resistance, serviceability and durability of steel structures. This ensures our garages are built to withstand wind and snow loading. The structural frames are very strong. 

Features & Benefits of a Bronze Range Garage

This Bronze Range of 25mm roof insulated garages come with a fully insulated roof as a standard feature. The main benefit of this system is to eliminate condensation and water droplets forming on the steel roof supports and cladding. This system, prevents condensation dripping on your car or belongings,  giving you peace of mind.

     # 25mm triple layer roof insulation system means, no condensation dripping on your valuables

     # Polycarbonate clearlight with a multiple layer anti-condensation barrier

     # Walls ventilated with louvered vents to allow a constant fresh air movement through your shed.

     # Strongest galvanized frames on the market, Flashings and frames are seam-folded on the sharp edges.

     # Heavy duty roller doors designed for repeated use and long service life.

     # Long life seamless aluminum gutter, that won’t buckle, discolor or fade from exposure

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Additional Features & Benefits our Bronze Range Insulated Garages:

    # Available in 7 Standard Colour, to suit your house and garden.

   # Maintenance-free PVC coated cladding, no yearly sanding and painting.

   # Off-site manufacture of wall & roof panels, ensures a clean & tidy installation on site.

   # Can be easily dismantled and moved to a new site.

  # All exterior fasteners are color coded for a neat finish.

Important note on roof insulation: Some other shed manufacturers use a “non drip” sheeting on their roofs. This is a soft felt type of fabric which is bonded to the underside of the roof cladding to try and control any condensation that may build up. When condensation occurs the fabric absorbs it, although the underside of the roof still remains wet and although it may stop most of the water dripping this product cannot be classed as insulation. “Non drip sheeting” does not have the same properties as the fully insulted roofing system used on our Shanette buildings.