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Concrete Garages and Outdoor Storage

A warm welcome to, probably, the most experienced Distributor in the U.K. for Concrete Garages, Sectional Sheds, Outdoor Storage Sheds, Shed Storage, Outdoor Storage, Garage Sectional, Pre engineered Steel Buildings, Prefab Steel Buildings, Metal Garages, Metal Garage Kits, Steel Buildings Garages, Concrete Garden Sheds, Pent Garden Sheds, Steel Garden Sheds, Metal Garages Kits, Prefabricated Sheds, Modular Garages, Precast Concrete Garages, Prefabricated Metal Garages, Prefab Sheds, Steel Garages, Steel Sheds, Prefab Metal Garages, Prefab Sheds, Prefab Concrete Sheds, Shed Kits, Custom Made Garages, Custom Built Sheds.

Garage-UK has over 40 years of practical experience having been one of the forerunners and highly respected seasoned professionals in the industry.

Carefully Selected Top Quality Products.

Each and every concrete garage, sectional shed, outdoor storage shed, shed storage, outdoor storage, garage sectional, pre engineered steel buildings, prefab steel building, metal garage, metal garage kit, steel buildings garage, concrete garden shed, pent garden shed, steel garden shed, metal garages kit, prefabricated shed, modular garage, precast concrete garage, prefabricated metal garage, prefab shed, steel garage, steel shed, prefab metal garage, prefab shed, prefab concrete shed, shed kit, custom made garage, custom built shed has to go through our own very stringent quality control process to ensure that we always provide only the best and consistently high quality products for our customers.

The superb range of concrete garages and concrete sheds and steel buildings that we supply come from Manufacturers who have state of the art computerised technology that ensures that every product produced meets the necessary high standards expected by our customers and government bodies to include UK and European standards.

There are numerous competitors supplying concrete, metal and steel Garages and Sheds that have high perceived values at lower prices.

If you do find anything that resembles what we offer where the low prices appear to be too good to be true – They probably are.

High perceived value products are often those that look good from the outside but could be made of a lower grade or inferior concrete or metal.

Buy with Confidence

Garage-UK has almost half a century of experience in this industry and it is therefore of paramount importance that our highly respected name in the trade continues to be regarded as the very best.

You can be assured that we will only supply top grade quality products that will give you many years of excellent service.

As an independent company having providing a personal service for over 40 years, Garage-UK continues to supply customers who come back to us over and over again.

We even get the next generation of customers who have been recommended to come to us by their parents

And that’s not all !
We also make to spec.

Our standard range is extensive but if you would like a customised bespoke concrete garage, sectional shed, outdoor storage shed, shed storage, outdoor storage, garage sectional, pre engineered steel buildings, prefab steel building, metal garage, metal garage kit, steel buildings garage, concrete garden shed, pent garden shed, steel garden shed, metal garage kit, prefabricated shed, modular garage, pre-cast concrete garage, prefabricated metal garage, prefab shed, steel garage, steel shed, prefab metal garage, prefab shed, prefab concrete shed, shed kit made to your own specification.

We can do it!

Just contact us for a friendly chat and our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff will be only too pleased to help you on 01945 410 361.

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Specialist Experience

We have pleasure in preserving an extremely close and friendly relationship with all our customers.

Being an independent company we are able to offer a large range of concrete garages, prefab workshop, metal prefab garage, storage buildings, concrete section garage, prefabricated steel buildings, sheds storage, steel garage buildings, concrete garden sheds, metal garage sheds, prefabricated steel garages, prefabricated sheds and garages, garage workshops, prefab metal garages, prefab steel garages, prefab sheds and garages, garages and workshops, garages kits, custom built garage, steel garages kits and we are the first choice for any sectional buildings.

Confidence Assured

You can be assured of the very best materials, manufactured by the top manufacturers, using computerised technology, each section is the same quality as the one before, so you can be confidently assured of only receiving a top quality product.

There are many other companies producing the same products, as there are in all types of commodities, several produce cheap high volume concrete garages, concrete sheds, steel garages, steel sheds and other sectional buildings but with the versatility of our range we have the right building for everyone, as we work very closely with our producers to supply a bespoke prefab garage, concrete shed, metal shed, metal garage or any other prefabricated concrete buildings, or steel buildings you may require and much more.

The superiority and quality of our concrete sectional garages, metal sheds and prefab garages, modular garages and sectional buildings using our modular building systems, is second to none.

Why not email us now if you have any questions or queries on any kind of prefabricated buildings for sale.

Double pent roof concrete garage
Pent roof concrete garage

Pent Flat Roof Garage

Definition of a Pent Roof

A Pent flat roof is a flat roof that slopes in one direction.

When it comes to buying only the very best quality Pent Flat Roof Concrete Garages, Pent Flat Roof Concrete Sheds, Pent Flat Roof Steel Sheds and Pent Flat Roof Steel Garages. Garages-UK lead the field in terms of quality, value for money, expertise and service.

Garages-uk has grown from strength to strength unlike many of our competitors who have come and gone. With over 40 years of experience in this industry we have seen many come and go.

Whilst we accept and embrace competition, it is you the customer that needs to be re-assured that any after sales service or guarantees are going to be fulfilled. With our level of stability over many years in a very competitive market has proved to thousands of our customers the sense of reliability and confidence in an organisation that would not let you down.

Garages-uk supply only the finest affordable sectional Pent Flat Roof Garages and other prefabricated buildings. Affordable does not necessarily mean low-cost. Over the years we have sold thousands of tailor-made modular building systems to very discerning customers who have appreciated the superior quality and value for money that we offer.

The substantial array of prefab Pent Flat roof Concrete Garages or Pent Flat Roof Metal Shed Kits covers throughout a really remarkably broad range to be able to satisfy anyone who are after high quality at a competitive price alongside their home or inside a modest backyard. With this selection and quality we are the envy of our competitors who just cannot match what we have to offer.

Our revolutionary styles and new introductions now consist of Brick Finish Garages, Steel Buildings, PVC Fascias, Automatic Garage Door Openers, Concrete Soffit, Double Glazed Windows, Cement Fibre Roof Sheets, Galvanised Steel Roof Sheets, Steel Roof Sheets, Insulated Roof Sheets, Metro Tile Roof, Translucent Roof Sheets and many more.

Inside each array we now offer a very extensive variety of styles that also consist of internal variations to suit nearly every requirement.

Many concrete garages look exactly the same externally but there are several important facts that we at Garages-uk would like to share with you to enable you to be confident that you get from us only the highest quality. Having a well constructed Garage is one thing but what about security? Here is where garages-uk excel.

Top Quality Security includes;-

· A 4 point locking is standard on all Royale Concrete Garages.

· The roof cross trusses on the Pent roof buildings are made from factory primed galvanised ‘C’ section.

· All Pent roof buildings are fitted as standard with a galvanised steel roof with a felt underlay to prevent condensation making them very strong and less likely to be broken into by thieves on the roof.

· 2 point locking is available on all steel personnel doors.

· The distinctive panel construction with interlocking joints comes as standard. These distinctive panels make our garages far more secure than most in as much as the thieves cannot pass an electric hacksaw blade through between the panels and cut off the fixing bolts as the can in many other makes were they use the ‘butt’ joints and then seal them with messy mastic, with our panels there is no need for the mastic.

Easier Maintenance

· Garages-UK supply an Eaves filler as part of the package and is not sold as an optional extra, as is the case with some of our competitors. This is important because it stops bird and dirt entering through the corrugation at the eaves.

· Most of our concrete garages are fitted with up and over garage doors, manufactured from plastic coated steel by the market leading Hormann garage doors specialists. These come pre-framed to provide consistent overall performance over the lifespan of the garage.


· All models of our prefabricated concrete garages are offered as either single garages or double garages with the option of extending the height to facilitate 4x4’s and other higher vehicles

Time for Action

Having browsed through the superb range of Flat Pent Roof Garages and Sheds, why not contact us on Tel; 01945 410 361 for that no obligation friendly chat to see if we can help you make the right choice. We eagerly await your call.

Thank you for watching.

Pent Flat Roof Lean-To Garage

Definition of a Pent Lean-To Roof

A Pent Flat Roof Lean – To Garage is a garage with a flat roof that slopes in one direction from an adjacent higher building or wall.

Security is always very important when you have invested in a top quality product. Because we at garages-UK are very conscious of ensuring that all of our customers obtain the very best value for money, coupled with that extra sense of security and confidence, we have included as standard a number of security features that are not often available elsewhere.

Security Features

· All Pent Flat Roof lean-To Garage roof buildings are fitted as standard with a galvanised steel roof with a felt underlay to prevent condensation making them very strong and less likely to be broken into by thieves on the roof.

· A 2 point locking is available on all steel personnel doors. The distinctive panel construction with interlocking joints comes as standard. These distinctive panels make our garages far more secure than most in as much as the thieves cannot pass an electric hacksaw blade through between the panels and cut off the fixing bolts as the can in many other makes were they use the ‘butt’ joints and then seal them with messy mastic, with our panels there is no need for the mastic.

· The distinctive panel construction with interlocking joints comes as standard. These distinctive panels make our garages far more secure than most in as much as the thieves cannot pass an electric hacksaw blade through between the panels and cut off the fixing bolts as the can in many other makes were they use the ‘butt’ joints and then seal them with messy mastic, with our panels there is no need for the mastic.

· The roof cross trusses on the Pent Flat Lean-To roof buildings are made from factory primed galvanised ‘C’ section.

· Longer Lasting

· Most of our Pent Flat roof Lean – To Concrete garages are fitted with up and over garage doors, manufactured from plastic coated steel by the market leading Hormann garage doors specialists. These come pre-framed to provide consistent overall performance over the life span of the garage.

Easier Maintenance

· An important feature is the eaves filler, this come as part of the package and is not sold as an optional extra, as is the case with some of our competitors. This is important because it stops bird and dirt entering through the corrugation at the eaves.

· Furthermore our precast apex concrete garages come complete with a close fitting ridge cap, again preventing the entry of dirt into the building.

More Options

· All models of our prefabricated concrete garages are offered as either single garages or double garages with the option of extending the height to facilitate 4x4’s and other higher vehicles.

Roy and his team look forward to being of service to you. Please feel free to contact us at Tel: 01945 410 361
Pent flat roof Royale concrete garage
Woodthorpe pent roof concrete garage

Things You Should Know

You are sure to be spoilt for choice with our range of concrete garages, concrete sheds and other sectional buildings.

You will also be indulging yourself with prefabricated buildings of the highest quality.

All our prefab concrete garages and steel buildings, with their fine clean cut design features, put all our customers in a most enviable position as being owners of prefabricated concrete garages that will entice anyone to think of any reason not to buy one for themselves.

We are proud to welcome the Duchess semi-pent roof charge to our range. This model offers a very attractive high quality alternative to usual apex and pent designs.

• It sports a forward sloping granular steel Metrotile decorative roof, this is available in a choice of six different colours as options. • The second part of the roof is rearward sloping using galvanised steel sheets complete with anti-condensation felt underlay. • Maintenance free PVCu white fascias are fitted as standard. • Real brick front posts are also fitted as standard in a range of brick colours. • The Georgian Hormann up and over door complete with four point locking bars for extra security. • PVCu guttering and down pipes to the front and back elevations. • The Ridge height is just under 2.5 m making it easier for planning purposes. • One x 4ft (1.22m) wide fixed PVCu double glazed window.
And of course our unique interlocking concrete panels.

We are also proud to welcome the revolutionary Duke model which includes all the features of Duchess plus a fantastic authentic looking slate roof to the front elevation. This is the next generation of premium roof options and is the perfect combination of natural beauty found in natural slate coupled with the best technologically advanced methods and materials.

The slates on the Duke to all intents and purposes are virtually identical to natural slate, although these will not break or shatter and weigh 80% less than natural slate.

The slate is available in eight separate colours which include, pewter grey, chestnut brown, moss green, stone black, terracotta, wheat, sand and plum.

Another welcome newcomer to our range is the brick clad finish which is new, innovative and exciting.

This latest development is classed as a flagship model and incorporates a traditional brick cladding finish which is designed to complement your property.

This new brick cladding is joint free and looks like traditional brick finish and is both durable and long lasting and above all maintenance free so you can have a good-looking concrete garage for many many years to come.

This is designed as an exterior cladding finish which fixes over the concrete panels wants garages been built, this is both durable and very long-lasting and will look great years to come. It is also cost-effective to, comparing it to traditionally laid brick in terms of money and installation time and stop are no joints, a choice of nine colours and the full brick effect makes for an exceptional traditional brick looking garage.

Garages are Popular

Sectional concrete garages have become popular over the last 10 years or so because their cost effectiveness, low maintenance and extremely long-term durability.

As years gone by the quality of the finished product is improved enormously with the use of computerised technology, graded materials, and new technological developments in the manufacture of cement.

Looking back at the prefab garages of the 60s, with the horizontal post and panel construction along with their poor quality galvanised steel up and over doors, not to mention the asbestos roofs which were used in those days, the modern prefabricated garages of today are worlds apart from those early models.

In those early days mostly one style fits all.

Nowadays choice is paramount and Garages-UK can offer you the choice with our enormous range of styles and sizes coupled with the bespoke capabilities of all models.
Duchess concrete garages
Duke concrete garages

Working From Home

Working in a concrete garden office that has been specially designed and insulated provides the ideal climate needed to enable you to work from home without being interrupted by other members of your family, especially the children, bless them all! The huge savings in not having to pay rent is a great plus in cutting the overall cost of the garden office and of course any costs incurred can be offset against tax.

If your garden offers was close enough to the house it would be quite easy for you to run both the electricity and possibly heating on the main dwelling. If it was a lean to building it might be possible to have a door leading from the house directly into the office, although this might need planning permission as it would be attached to the main property.

If you add up the benefits of working from home you’re going to be very surprised with the savings that can be made in fuel costs alone. Just think of it, no more sitting in rush-hour traffic jams both to and from work, no driving through fog frost and snow during the winter, or extra time saved could if you wanted people to better use in your garden office or for that matter in the garden itself.

If you have a stand-alone building you may not need planning permission, but you may need permitted development permission seeing as you are going to be using it as an office and not a general garden building, we always advise our customers to seek the advice of their local planning advisory service who will tell you exactly where you stand what you can and cannot do, this may sound like a lot of hassle I believe us if you don’t do it and you do it wrong and it can cost you dearly, so we advised to do it right and only do it once it will be much cheaper in the long run.

Once you have gained permission to go ahead from your local or district Council you will be able to proceed with confidence knowing that whatever happens, even if someone complains, you have gone about it the right way in getting the permission from your local or district Council who in the long run are very sympathetic and helpful to people who care about this in the right way.

If you don’t want to have our normal doors and windows in your garden office we can have the building manufactured without doors or windows can just leave the openings so it you can get your local window and door specialists to fit doors and windows of your choice, doing this enables you to customise your building to suit your particular needs.

Garden Sheds and Workshops

If you are planning on purchasing a workshop or garden storage building you won’t do better than a concrete garden workshop which will be secure and virtually maintenance free.

lso If security is of paramount importance with your workshop then concrete garden workshops offers an ideal choice available in both pent roof and Apex roofs, concrete sheds and workshops can be made in any length and width of your choice. Doors can be supplied in either steel or timber and in various widths.

You can customise these buildings with PVCu fascias, steel doors with three-point locking on the single doors and four point locking on the up and over doors. Gutters and downpipes, different styles and colours of roof are available, specially made shelving to fit into our buildings.

Concrete Garages come in a variety of sizes with up and over, side hung or single doors with adjacent sections for a Workshop, Hobby Room, Studio and many more uses are also readily available and can be customised to suit your requirements.

These can have double glazed windows if required or no windows at all if you don’t want people peeping in to see what you are storing in your workshop.

If it is just a garden shed you are looking for then look no further, our concrete garden sheds, or metal sheds are just the thing you are looking for being secure, dry, attractive and long-lasting.

You can customise these in the same way as you can the workshops described above, this along with the tremendous choice in size and design makes these buildings fantastic value for money and beats all the cheap sheds you see advertised on the Internet or quality, durability and longevity.

We are frequently asked how long will prefab garages last, well considering garages that were built in the early 60s are now coming to the end of their lives, that’s over 50 years, we can confidently expect with modern technology used in the manufacturing of concrete garages today these should last at least 60/65 years.

All the concrete buildings will offer in our range carries a 10 year manufactures guarantee.

Of course if you go out and buy a cheap prefabricated garage it’s reasonable to expect that his longevity will be much shorter.
Security concrete garages
Apex roof concrete garages

Wood Preservative

If you purchase one of our standard garages with wooden fascias you will of course have to treat the timber from time to time. Again if you go out and purchase a cheap preservative then you’ll be doing this every year to 18 months if of course you purchase one of the natural plant oil based preservatives they should give you at least 4 to 5 years protection if applied correctly.

The preservative we recommend is Osmo natural oil woodstain, this can be obtained from

Okay, I can hear you say that’s expensive, now that’s not true if you work out the overall cost of having to re-treat your building every year to 18 months the cheaper materials, and then how often I going to forget to do it by the time you get round to it would start to rot whereas with the Osmo you can painted on and forget it the next 4/5 years.

Many preservatives do not waterproof the timber they just protect it from decay and many actually allow the water to penetrate the timber, although this in itself will not cause the timber to rot it will delete the effect of the timber preservative applied, this is why many of the materials sold today will need to be done every year to 18 months, whereas Osmo waterproofs the timber and prevents the entry of water, this is why Osmo is so much better than many of his counterparts and why in the long run it is it is cheaper.

Osmo can be purchased in a variety of colours and is sold in different size tins, the best value for money is a 2.5 lt. tin, any material left over, so long as the tin is closed properly, will last for many years.

Sectional buildings in general are very popular in the UK because they are easy and simple to install and do not in general need any specialist knowledge.

Purchasing a concrete garage or concrete shed or for that matter any other concrete building couldn’t be easier, all you do is place the order and so long as you have a suitable concrete base available we will do the rest for you - deliver and directed it.


Our Concrete Garages – are manufactured by a leading manufacturer of concrete garages, prefab garages, sheds, workshops and industrial buildings and is a family owned company.

First and foremost is customer satisfaction, and the growth and success of the company has been extended and built with very happy customers.

In 2005 they moved to a brand new purpose built factory, making this their latest and most important investment and were designed to make sure they were flexible in their production and could maintain the quality of their concrete garages they are renowned for.

Since them hundreds of pounds have been spent on vehicles, machinery and equipment to continue to ensure that their stay ahead of the game and comply with the latest Health and Safety regulations.

Prefab concrete garages are very heavy to move around so ‘piggy’ fork lift were introduced to the delivery vehicles. ‘Piggy’ forklifts are carried attached to the back of the lorry and enable the delivery team to unload the lorry on the road and take the panels to the site without having to handle the very heavy concrete panels.

The company has been in the industry for many years and the management has gained a vast reservoir of knowledge about prefabricated concrete sectional buildings, thus making sure that the product you purchase is of the very highest quality money can buy along with a very high standard of service.

By now you should have a pretty good idea that what we are offering you is the best money can buy, so why not pick up the phone now and dial 01945 410 361 and speak to one of our agent about your new project.
LeanTo concrete garages
Royale apex roof concrete garages

Extra Height for 4x4's etc.

Taller and Extra Height Prefab Garages for Taller Vehicles

Do you own a Higher than usual vehicle?

Then you are going to need an extra height garage with a taller door in order to house your 4x4 or minibus.

Extra Height Concrete Garages

We can custom make extra high prefab garages to virtually any size or design to suit your needs, to accommodate vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

This will give you total freedom to specify the width, length and above all the height you require.

Our extra height buildings also make ideal homes for motor-homes, transits, caravans, boats and many other vehicles or machinery.

They are also used as workshops, light industrial units, farm shops - and if lined out studios and offices.

The extra height above the 6ft. 6in or 7ft high concrete panels can be clad in either timber or “Plasticol” coated steel sheets, these can be coated on the inside against condensation.

You also have a choice of roofing:

• Cement fibre (Grey) – as standard
• A choice of 8 colours of cement fibre roof sheets & close fitting, matching ridge
• Galvanised steel roof sheets
• Plastic coated steel roof sheets in box profile in a choice of colours
• Insulated plastic coated steel roof sheets in box profile in a choice of colours
• Tile effect plastic coated roof sheets in a choice of colours
• Insulated Tile effect plastic coated roof sheets in a choice of colours
• Metro Tile roof (multiply building width x length to give sq. foot area) in a choice of colours
• Translucent roof sheets

Bespoke Shapes and sizes:

Our range of modular buildings are very flexible and include:

• “L” Shaped buildings
• Tapered Buildings
• Workshops
• Store rooms
• Studios
• Music rooms
• Utility rooms

And many more

All the above buildings can be lined and insulated for your comfort and usability.

Concrete Garage - Essential Information

This page contains information that we think you should know if you’re thinking about buying a concrete garage;

Concrete Garages as an Alternative to Conventional Brick Construction

• Garage Appearance
• Construction Time
• The Base
• The Concrete Construction the Roof
• Planning & Building Regulations
• Security

Concrete Garages as an Alternative to Conventional Brick Construction.

Since the total cost of a concrete garage is usually about one third of that for a comparable brick built structure, many homeowners have chosen the sectional concrete approach to enable them to save money and time. Erection time for sectional concrete is generally one day whereas brick construction which requires deep foundations will mean a minimum of four to six weeks at best.

With the sectional garage, groundwork’s are cheaper, as the depth required for the footings is about a third of that required for brick construction (about a metre), and the earth removal costs, now running at about ninety pounds per skip (in part due to the new landfill tax), are drastically reduced.

As an additional bonus concrete garages can be extended very easily at a later date, with door and window arrangements changeable at any time. They can even be removed and re-sited elsewhere.

Garage Appearance

Where the exterior finish of the dwelling is rendered, our interlocking panels are the only type that can be rendered to match the existing house without the prospect of the seal between the panels opening up with time. All our panel garages feature the exclusive tongue-and-groove construction system.

Where the property is of brick construction, the front pillars either side of the garage door can be finished in brick.

Today's home buyer is well aware of appearance, or shall we say, "Kerb appeal". Estate agents have commented that a cheap looking garage can hold the price of a property down, whereas our Heritage Model with its side-to-side roof ridge will add as much as three times its cost in many locations.

Construction Time

Most of our garages, even the double models, can be erected in one day as mentioned above, and at any time of the year, weather permitting. Conventional brick or block construction is affected by weather conditions and requires deep, concrete foundations (usually about 1 metre in depth) which need to harden before any bricks are laid. Typically a conventionally-built double garage will take four to six weeks to complete.

You should also be aware that the builder that you select is required to notify the Health & Safety Executive (H&SE) of the project, if the construction time, including preparation of the site, extends beyond thirty days.
As current legislation stands, you are not responsible for complying with H&SE requirements, but your builder is.
If he fails to comply your project could be stopped.
A competent, professional builder should have no problems in providing the local authority with all certifications presently required.
These include matters such as First Aid, scaffolding tower erection, plant, especially for any engine-driven units, etc. However, anyone carrying out work without the correct training certifications, which today include even scaffolding, would be stopped.
This could delay your project, or even necessitate the appointment of a new builder.

The Base

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide a good base, if you are not able to do this yourself, take a look in your local yellow pages or for a local groundwork’s company to lay your concrete base for you.
Please note that there is always the possibility that the garage erector may reject the base and not erect the garage if it is not up to standard. We will provide you with the base dimensions.

The base must be flat; with the exception of the outer edge which needs a roll-off profile to ensure that rainwater is drained away from the garage, not attracted into the building by an inward fall from the edge.
It is important to remember that an uneven base may well be rejected by the erector if, in his judgement, the garage cannot be erected in a level and upright manner, or if he feels that rain will run back into the building.
Although a fillet of sand and cement is provided, water lying up against the garage wall will eventually gain ingress and, with frost, will start to break the seal.

The Concrete

Making concrete is not unlike making a cake.
The chief components of concrete are sand, of which there are many grades, cement, of which there are also many grades, and the aggregate of which there is a vast selection of sizes and types to choose from.
All these components need to be carefully selected, and in the final analysis it is the hardness of the concrete that demonstrates the quality of the mix.

Local materials usually do not combine to make the best concrete, and it may well be necessary for manufacturers to purchase from a distant quarry, which has higher cost implications bearing in mind today's increased transportation costs.
The stone needs to be hard and sharp edged to bond properly. Aggregate coming from sandstone regions (sometimes called Jurassic limestone) is not hard enough, and river stone is too rounded.
When broken, concrete made with river or pit stone has the stone exposed, looking like the peanuts in a broken chocolate nut bar.


There are two systems, the post and panel and the vertical panel system.

The Post and Panel Garage.

A post and panel building, whether a garage or shed, uses vertical posts at 4' centres, with fill-in panels, each panel being about 2' height. Different building lengths can be achieved with as many 4' or 2' add-on panels, as required.
The panels usually fit to the posts with a tapered groove joint and a metal clip clamping the panel to the post. If you wish to select a building of this type we suggest that you check the following:
• Thickness of the panel that it is not less than 1.5" at any point and over 2.5" around the panel edge.
• Steel Reinforcement of Panel - needed for strength.
• Post Section Size - The corner cross section should be 4.5in by 8in and the interposts measure 7.5in by 5.5in.
• Steel Reinforcement of the posts should be approx 8mm rods
• Finishes Available are Rockwall, Shiplap, and stone covered panels in six finishes.

The Panel Garage

Panel Garages do not require posts. Each panel has a thickened edge and panels are bolted together.

Our Concrete Garages have a UNIQUE panel construction with interlocking joints. Constructed with three bolts joining each panel, the exclusive design provides a weather tight joint without the need for messy mastic, that may shrink and leak in the years to come.

Attractive Derbyshire Spar aggregate gives an external appearance that will blend with virtually any property.

The Roof

Garages are supplied with roofs made from a wide variety of materials.
Choices can be made from corrugated metal, fibre cement or tiles. Metal sheets can be galvanised, which is the cheapest, painted or steel, plastic laminated.
Fibre cement sheets are less likely to generate condensation, however they can be slightly porous and need a minimum slope angle to ensure that water runs off cleanly; otherwise they can saturate and seep.

Cement pantiles can be used and provided by the customer or we can supply metal formed tiles in sheets form.

In some parts of the country there are Planning Restrictions that require that roofing must be in accordance with local requirements.
We can supply without a roof, thus where local slate or stone tiles are mandatory they can be fitted.
However should this requirement affect you, be certain that the roof supports of the garage will carry this heavier load or ask for them to be increased.


Guttering is essential for garages that have a ridge roof running across the building, such as our Mayfair Heritage model, and it is provided on this garage so that water does not drip down your neck as you open the door.
Most models are supplied without guttering, as it can, in certain circumstances, serve to concentrate water flow over the same section of the garage base, causing soil or plant erosion, unless proper drainage has been provided for when the base was laid.

Planning & Building Regulations

In most parts of the country, our concrete sectional garages and sheds do not require Planning Consent Approval, whereas any brick structure will certainly be subject to Building Regulations if not planning.
If Planning Consent is required we can provide a set of plan and elevation drawings for any model of our range of garages for a modest charge, this fee will be refunded upon completion of the garage.

If the proposed garage is not going to project in front of the existing property, planning permission is not normally required, providing the garage is within certain size limits which, in turn, are governed by the size and other aspects of the existing building.
Normally you do not need Building control to erect a garage of less than 30 square metres (322 square feet) floor area, but you may need planning under certain circumstances.

We hope that we have given you an insight into the world of sectional concrete buildings.
The range of products on the market may look very similar but, as you will have read here, there are important differences.
A well-styled garage that blends with your property will add value greater than the direct cost.
A Mayfair Heritage will usually add twice its purchase price to the overall property value, or even more depending upon location.
Steer clear of cheap-looking models. In today's property market they can have a negative effect on your property value.


Our concrete garage panels overlap.
Most other manufacturers use panels that just butt-up this permits a hacksaw blade or similar instrument to be forced between their panels enabling the two bolts to be cut through and the wall panels forced apart.
No blade can be forced between them.

All wall panels are secured with strong coupling bolts.

Our post and panel garages can be fitted with anchor bolts in the posts so that no bolt head can be sawn off. This addition to our normal specification carries a slight extra cost.
Woodthorp double apex concrete garages
Monarch apex roof double garage

Concrete Sectional Garages - How do I choose?

The first part of the 1-2-3 is to select the shape of building that you prefer.

All buildings are available in flat roof up to (20'3" wide) or apex roof up to 24'3" wide as standard.

Height - what height would you like? We can make a building at any reasonable height, simply specify what you want, up to 16ft to eaves.

Although all these examples are drawn as garages, the building shapes are available as sheds, workshops, or a combination of both. The Concrete Garages range is so flexible, we can build you virtually any building you require!

Look at the outlines below and simply select the shape of the concrete sectional garage you would like, and click the link underneath to take you to the product page for that product.
Once you are sure that you like that SHAPE, you then need to think about the size. Allow enough room in front of the car so as to facilitate some storage space and enough room to get the door open when you are in the garage.


I am interested in purchasing a concrete garage, how much will it cost?

The price will depend on the size and style you require.

Can you supply custom made bespoke garages?

Yes, so long as the building can be constructed from existing components, we are not able to offer 'off the cuff'' quotations over the phone.
We will need a detailed ground plan layout, this can be hand drawn on plain paper, but must contain the sizes, type (Apex or Pent roof) details and positions of windows (timber or PVCu - fixed or opening, doors, type of roofing (cement fibre - standard - or other roofing materials), gutters, brick fascias, 4 point locking, electric door openers, and your full contact details, including your name, address and post code, phone number and email address.
Either post these to Garages-uk, c/o Barretts Leisure, 347 Leverington Common, Leverington, Wisbech, Cambs. PE13 5JR or email us, attaching you plan to the email.

What type of base do I need for my Concrete Garage?

Your precast concrete garage requires a concrete base; this must be designed to suit your local ground conditions. It needs to be at least 4” thick with a 6” “toe” around the edges, square and level and preferably reinforced.
If in doubt consult a ground-works specialist in you area.

Can you build the garage on block/slab paving?

No, it will not be possible to build your concrete sectional garage on anything other than a concrete a base.
lf you get any movement in the base it will invalidate the manufacturers 10 year guarantee.
Likewise we will not build on tarmac or gravel, only on a properly specified concrete base.

The garage I am taking down stands on a concrete base will this be OK?

Not necessarily, if the base has been down for many years it could have subsided or cracked, or it is not thick enough to withstand the extra weight of the new garage.
The existing base must still be strong enough, be Flat, Square and Level, and fit for purpose, as the weight on the your new garage will typically weigh between 3 and 4 tons.
An existing concrete base would need to be surveyed, if this is beyond you remit then consult a local ground-works specialist to ensure it met the requirements.
It may be possible to skim the existing base if it is basically sound; again local ground-works specialist can advise.

What size of base do I need?

The base will need to be 150mm (3”) larger all round, so your base should be 300mm (6”) longer and wider than the external dimensions of the garage you have chosen.
If you have chosen a garage with TrueBrick front posts, you will need to make extra 4” longer allowance for the brick thickness.

How can I damp proof the floor?

Put a plastic damp proof membrane (dpm) in the base before poring the concrete, 1000g plastic sheeting is normally recommended, ask your local builder for advice.
It is relatively inexpensive, and makes a huge difference.

If I buy a Lean-To garage do you seal where it fixes to the wall?

No, that is your responsibility.

Can you still build the garage if my base is not level?

It depends on how far out of level it is.
Some traditional builders build a garage with a slope to the front, because they know that water will blow under the up and over door.
Please ensure that your base is level, you can always specify a timber weather bar to help prevent water, leaves etc blowing under the up and over door.

HIf the surrounding ground level is higher than the base what do I need to do?

You will have to remove the ground at least 150mm (6”) away from the edge of the base, retain the rest of the ground and ideally dig out and fill back with gravel or pea shingle.
You need to prevent water sitting on the edge of the base, and water draining on to the base from the surrounding ground. Ideally the concrete base should be cast at least 25mm (1”) out of the ground.

How do I square my base?

Square means that each corner is a 90 degree right angle.
he concrete garage has 90 degree corners, so if your base doesn’t, the garage won’t fit.
To check that your base is square, measure the diagonal measurement (corner to corner).
As long as both dimensions are the same, your garage base is square.
If they are different, adjust your shuttering until both dimensions are the same.

I want to make a bigger base and put another building on it, or just have it as hard standing, can I do this?

No problem.
Simply mark on the base with a permanent marker where you want your building placed, remembering the advice above regarding positioning.
If you cannot be there when the garage is built please leave a sketch of the base and the position where you want it built.

How do I make sure the concrete base is designed correctly?

Your base should be designed for the ground conditions on your site.
A reinforced concrete raft is essential, thickened edges and a compacted clean hardcore base, with dpm and steel mesh or fibre incorporated in the cement to reinforce it as required.
Consult your local ground-works specialist if in doubt.

Can I have my concrete base sited anywhere?

Positioning your base is critical, but observing some simple rules will make sure that you will have no problems.
Your up and over door will open through an arc which will need a maximum 1220mm (4ft).
A standard height 1981mm (6’6”) up and over door needs 910mm (3ft) minimum space to operate.
Make sure the door will not foul walls, adjacent buildings etc.
Allow for the personnel door opening.
If the ground level is higher than the base (not recommended), the personnel door will not open.
If you need steps from the garage personnel door off the base, make sure you tell the company so you will be able to position them correctly on the module of the manufacturer’s panel sizes.

LOOK UP! Overhanging branches of neighbouring trees – overhanging gutters from neighbouring buildings – the garage may fit on the base, but not at the eaves height…….
You will need to ensure that you don’t break the rules from the local Authority, Planning and Building Regulation Approvals in particular.

Do you offer garages with either TruBrick or brick affect all round?

No, not at present only the front pillars.

Can I have a choice of up and over door?

Yes there are several optional designs to choose from for a small extra cost or you can have special doors supplied.
If you have special doors you will need to allow approximate. 6/8 weeks extra for delivery.

I need a taller building to house a large van; can you provide a suitable building?

Yes we can provide extra height buildings, the "make up" can be in either timber or plastic coated steel.

If I have a taller building do you supply roller shutter doors?

Yes we can supply roller shutter doors for some makes of building.

Will I be able to choose the position of my windows and personnel door?

Yes, we will ask you at the time of order where you would like these.
One 4' fixed window in single garages and two in doubles in some makes other makes offer these as optional extras.

Can I have extra windows fitted both fixed and opening?

Yes you can have as many as you like for a small extra cost.

Do you provide a personnel door as standard?

No, we offer either timber or steel personnel doors.

I need a wide personnel door how wide are the ones you provide?

The standard personnel door both timber and steel is 3' wide, you can upgrade to a 4' wide steel personnel door is needed.

Do you offer any other make of up and over other than Hormann?

Different manufacturers offer different make of door with their garages.

Do you offer dividing walls if needed?


Do you offer any other roofing material other than the grey cement fibre?

Yes, you will find a selection here.


Will I need Local Authority Approval?

Click on the link below to find out what the requirements are in your area. If you are still in doubt phone your local planning office for advice.

The Planning Portal

If I need plans and drawings to submit to the planning do you provide these?

We can provide drawing suitable for planning permission at a small charge, which is refundable on the purchase of the building.

The Order and Delivery/Installation Process

Do you offer any discounts and if so how do I know what they are?

We work on a monthly discount basis, this can very from month to month in line with most other manufacturers.

What happens once I have placed my order?

Your order will be processed and checked to ensure that everything is OK, and that there are no obvious mistakes, and then we will acknowledge it to you, with a week commencing date and together with a confirmation of order sheet.
Please check that we have interpreted your order correctly, and then send that back to us as our confirmation.
We will include a help the driver form, which we will need to have returned so we can allocate the right size lorry to be able to get to your base.

We will collect your balance of payment from you two clear weeks before the beginning of the week commencing date that we allocate to your order.
We will assume that your concrete base has been laid well in time, and is flat square and level.
If we are not able to deliver to the base or build on the programmed day, through no fault of our own or perhaps the base or access is not suitable, the building will be returned to the factory and a redelivery charge will be levied.
If there is space to deliver the building, we may leave the building on site, which will mean that you will not have to wait so long for us to come back and build your garage.

How long will it take to deliver and erect my garage?

We will allocate a week commencing date based on the volume of work we have at any one time, on average our delivery periods are three to four weeks, providing we have collected the balance of payment two clear weeks before the programmed delivery.
We will initially allocate a week commencing date and we will allocate a day of delivery towards the end of the week before that date, and advise you accordingly.

How will my garage be delivered?

We deliver our garages on quite large lorries because of the weight, if you think there may be a difficulty please let us know in advance as we may be able to send a smaller lorry!

Do I have to be in when you deliver or build my garage?

No, but we do ask you to mark clearly where you want the building to be positioned if the base is bigger than the recommended size, i.e. external dimensions +6” (150mm)

Are you going to drive your lorry onto my drive?

No, we will deliver the building components to your concrete base by means of a fork truck, or wheeled hand truck if there is insufficient access.

Will you need power?

We can work without it, but an extension lead left out will help us! If you are unable to provide power, could you please let us know in advance?

How long will it take you to construct my new building?

It will depend on the size of the building, but most buildings are built in less than one day.

Will you lay a concrete fillet or seal under the base?

Yes, this is available for a small extra charge.

My base is a lot larger than the size of the garage – how will you know where to put the garage on the base if I cannot be there?

Clearly mark the position required on the base – always speak to our customer services before delivery to warn us that the base will be over size.

How do I re-programme the electric operator?

We will post you a set of instructions to work from.
Bespoke concrete garages
Brick effect concrete garages

Custom Built Concrete Garages.

If you are considering purchasing a custom-made prefab garage it is best to deal with a professional company who specializes in the manufacture of bespoke prefabricated garages.
The manufacturer should be skilled and capable of making the changes you require in a simple and hassle free way.
Garages-UK deal with such manufacturers who have been custom building concrete buildings for many years.

It is well known that people move house more often than they used to for one reason or another, you may be one of these are found perhaps the space where you would like to build a new sectional garage is limited.
It might be a tapered site, you may only have room for a lean-to, you might have a high vehicle and need an extended height garage, you might not want to purchase the full non-maintenance model which you would like things such as our non-maintenance fascias, gutters, personnel door or other additions to customize our standard model, this would not be a problem.

A prefabricated garage needed not only be used as a garage for your car you might want to use it as an office, we sell special clips that would enable you to line your garage out and insulated, with a few adoptions it could even be turned into a bungalow or a granny annexes, a playroom for the kids, a workshop, the list of uses is endless.

If you customize your garage tastefully it could significantly increase the value of the property and also make it more desirable to prospective buyers if you decided to sell.

In the present economic situation many people are finding it impossible to buy new house, and if they are fortunate enough to be able to afford one it may not have a garage with it, many people have gone down the route of considering constructing a bricks and mortar building just to find the cost to be out of the reach whereas a concrete prefabricated building is only a fraction of the cost, and will significantly improve the appearance of the existing home.

Having a garage constructed next to your house has several benefits, it not only protect your vehicle and garage accessories from thieves and unfavorable weather conditions, you will be able to walk out of the house and into the garage whereas if you rented a garage away from the house it would not only be more prone to be burgled but there is a disadvantage you having to walk, in some circumstances quite a distance to get your car.

What you really need to do before you purchase a new concrete garage is to stand back and visualize how it is going to look alongside your house this will help you decide on any additions or alterations you’re going to require to existing model in order to give you your dream garage.

Once you have purchased your prefab garage and laid a suitable concrete base the team of expert erectors will come along and construct the building for you, in general this would take about half a day for most garages, so you will not be inconvenienced as you would be if you decided a bricks and mortar model.

Why not give Garages-UK a ring on now (01945) 410361 and ask about our custom built prefabricated concrete garages.

Just take a look at the full list of benefits below:

• No “jointing strips” alongside of the building.
• It has a continuous brick Finish thus producing a traditional brick garage.
• Optional cladding of the front and/or back gables are offered for a “full”brick effect.
• It has matching brick corners and edgings.

A choice of colours which includes:

Standard colours with a stone effect: Marbled White and Ivory.

Standard Colours with brick effect : Red Brick, Rustika, Anthracite.

Upgrade to Sand Textured Finish: Brick Red, Anthracite, Marbled White and Ivory

• Option four stone effect finish.
• A hybrid is also available offering the possibility to clad just one, two or three sides of the building.
• This is available on our full range of concrete buildings.
• You can have it in any width of concrete garage is a possibility.
• This is a high quality German engineered cladding material.
• It is cost-effective, compared to traditionally laid brick in terms of time and money.
• It is extremely durable and long lasting.
• And of course is maintenance free.
Sectional concrete garages have become popular over the last 10 years or so because their cost effectiveness, low maintenance and extremely long-term durability.

As years gone by the quality of the finished product is improved enormously with the use of computerised technology, graded materials, and new technological developments in the manufacture of cement.

Looking back at the prefab garages of the 60s, with the horizontal post and panel construction along with their poor quality galvanised steel up and over doors, not to mention the asbestos roofs which were used in those days, the modern prefabricated garages of today are worlds apart from those early models.

In those early days mostly one style fits all.

Nowadays choice is paramount and Garages-UK can offer you the choice with our enormous range of styles and sizes coupled with the bespoke capabilities of all models.
Piggy fork lift truck


Your prefabricated concrete garage will be delivered on a large lorry at least 30 foot long by 9 foot wide and 11 foot high.

Unloading will take place with use of a ‘piggy back ’forklift truck which is carried attached to the rear of the lorry whilst in transit. This forklift truck goes near as possible to the building site whilst the lorry stayed on the road.

You may be asked to fill in a ‘help the driver form’, which must be sent in the manufacturers at least two weeks for delivery.

Questions on the form will include:

• Is the distance from where the HGV lorry can park to the base of the garage is over 100 foot (30 m)
• To negotiate a long the way to the base?
• Is there a gap of less than 36 inches (910 mm) along this distance (e.g. gate or passageway)?
• What is the surface along the distance made up of? -Tarmac/concrete/gravel/paving stones/hard-core/rubble/grass/mud.

You will be requested to draw a simple sketch showing access to the base:

Wherever possible please attach photographs or email pictures of the building site to or if requested by the manufacturer then send the direct to them at the address provided the time.

Don’t forget to send the delivery form back as soon as possible so the manufacturers can schedule your concrete garage delivery accurately and on time.

Garage Maintenance Details

The following guidelines are designed to help you maintain your building, to keep it looking new for as long as possible!


A sand and cement fillet should be pointed between the bottom of the panels and the concrete base ON THE INSIDE ONLY, in order to seal the garage. If a fillet is pointed on the outside of the garage the water will not have anywhere to disperse, and consequently seep into the garage in time.
You can either purchase the fillet when you order your garage or D.I.Y-it. We suggest a 3:1 building sand / cement mix with a PVA mixed in. It may help if a bead of silicone is pointed into the joint prior to laying the fillet.

Ground Conditions

Please check the ground conditions around the base if you do get ingress of water.
The surrounding area to the base should be lower than the base itself or in time water may find its way into the building.
If the surrounding area is at a raised level a retaining wall may have to be built to ensure the garage does not let in water.
We cannot guarantee any buildings that are erected on a base that is lower than the surrounding area.

The addition of guttering, which can be purchased as an optional extra on all standard models and comes as standard on the Non-Maintenance models, this will disperse the water from the garage roof away from the base far more effectively than if it is not attached.


The concrete sectional panels are supplied with an external spa chipping finish.
These chippings are laid on the wet concrete during the manufacturing process.
In the first weeks after you have taken delivery it is common that some chippings may fall off the panels.
These are the chippings that were sat on top of others and therefore not fixed directly onto the concrete panel.
This will stop as the garage ‘weathers’ and should not cause concern.
The exterior colour of the panels may appear dull when first erected, but they will brighten up as the panels ‘weather’.

The concrete itself is in a green state when first manufactured.
Depending on the age of the concrete when the building is erected, it will go through a ‘curing’ process, which in basic terms means the concrete is drying out.

It will become stronger as it cures. This may take up to twelve months in certain circumstances.

Whilst the concrete is drying out it will feel wet to touch, and during heavy rainfall may discolour. brThis is common and will stop when the concrete has cured.

The concrete panels require no maintenance as such.
If you choose, the exterior of the panels can be sprayed with a weather seal product.
These are widely available from DIY stores and builders merchants. The inside of the concrete panels can be painted if so desired.


The timber has been dipped with a proprietary branded treatment during manufacture.
This is a base coat primer and will need further treatment within six months in order to protect the timber against the elements.
Any branded wood care product can be used, we recommend OSMO natural oils woodstain which is very long lasting and does not fade as quickly as many other wood products, this can be purchased here.
The timber on your garage will have a life span depending on how well looked after it is, and it is therefore important you carry out the maintenance work.

Up And Over Door

The up and over door is galvanised steel, with a powder coated finished.
If you choose to paint the door it should be lightly sanded, using a ‘wet & dry’ sandpaper, then coated with a two pack etching primer which will provide a suitable surface for further painting.
If you scratch the door the manufacturer can supply touch up sticks in both white and brown.
The cost of this is £18.00 + VAT (this includes postage).
Please note any chips, scratches or dents on up/over doors must be reported within 7 days of erection of the garage.
To aid smooth running of the door it is advised that the tracks are cleaned and lubricated with WD40 or a similar product on a regular basis.

If you experience water seeping under the door it is advisable to purchase a weather strip.
A hard wood piece of timber fixed directly to the concrete base is the most reliable form of weather strip.


The roof trusses are provided with a red oxide primer and do not require further treatment, but they can be painted if desired to improve the longevity of the product.
One of a number of roof types may have been ordered. They should all require minimum maintenance, but useful information on each as follows:

• Cement fibre sheets – the most common type of sheet on a sectional garage.
As with the concrete, the sheets will go through a curing period. They too may look discoloured and feel wet to touch.
Please refer to the information sheet attached to the papers supplied with your garage from the roof sheets suppliers.

• Galvanised steel sheets – these are thin steel sheets and will be prone to condensation. This could be remedied by lining the sheets out internally with a membrane of some description.

• Plastic coated steel sheets – these sheets are similar to the galvanized sheets with a plastic coating to the outside of the sheet.
This means that the coating can be manufactured in a colour of your choice, but the same issues with condensation are relevant with these sheets.
These sheets can also be lined out internally to prevent this. Cement fibre sheets – the most common type of sheet on a sectional garage.
As with the concrete, the sheets will go through a curing period.
They too may look discoloured and feel wet to touch.
Please refer to the information sheet attached to the papers supplied with your garage from the roof sheets suppliers.

• Insulated plastic coated sheets – these sheets are supplied with a lining board to remedy the issues with condensation.
Depending on the building ordered these sheets are either supplied with one composite sheet, which comprises of a plastic coated steel sheet, and an insulation board compressed together, or the sheets and lining board held together by fixings. Either method will be fit to perform the same purpose. .

The brick front posts are manufactured using real bricks and therefore do not require any special maintenance.
The bricks may discolor in time and can be revitalized with the use of a brick cleaning agent.


The guttering is guaranteed against manufacturing defect for the period of 10 years. However, the gutters will discolour due to exposure to sunlight, and as a result the colouring is not covered by the warranty (brown gutters will fade faster than white).


The PVCu fascias will require no more than basic cleaning with any proprietary branded cleaning agent for use on PVCu products.
This applies to both fascias and windows.

We hope that the above information helps with the maintenance of your garage over the coming years.

If any further information is required please do not hesitate to contact us on 01945 410 361
Free 6 months credit
Concrete base for prefab garages

Bespoke Garages - Light Industrial Buildings - Concrete Buildings

Prefabricated Buildings Range

We offer one of the widest ranges of sectional building systems in the UK, using a variety of technologies and materials.

In this special sectional buildings section we will endeavour to show you some of the possibilities that can be achieved with prefabricated buildings.

Click on the photos below to view the gallery of bespoke garages and concrete buildings that have been erected for customers all over the UK.

• Bespoke concrete building
• Bespoke garages
• Bespoke garage work shop
• Bowles pavilion
• Agricultural store
• Bespoke workshop
• Custom built Farm Shop

The flexibility of these prefabricated buildings provides the opportunity to design your own modular buildings.

These are available in both flat roofs and apex roofs, with a selection of different roof coverings and styles.

The main base panels are manufactured from strong reinforced vibrated concrete panels, the extra height above these panels can be filled in with either timber or plastic coated steel sheets, these are fixed onto a strong steel framework.

These prefabricated building systems can be designed as:

• Tapered buildings to fit into difficult sites.
• Tall buildings to accommodate coaches, tall vans etc.
• L shaped buildings to make use of all available space.
• Throughway modular buildings with an up and over or roller shutter doors in front and back wall.

Buildings can also be fitted with dividing walls as an optional extra. This can be ideal if you require a dual-purpose building, partitioning a section off for use as an office, shed, secure storage, multi gym or any other use.

Up and over doors can be positioned in the front, sides or rear of the garage, creating various options for the use of the building.

Personnel doors can be fitted to all evaluations.

Sectional or roller shutter doors can be fitted to the buildings if space at the front of the garage is an issue. Please note the garages have to be supplied with extra height to accommodate the sectional and roller shutter doors.

You will be hard pushed to find other modular building suppliers who can offer you such a wide choice.

When we say bespoke we mean, made to measure, to your specification.

All photographs shown on this website are of actual installations, they are not electronically manufactured they are real buildings.

If you would like a free quotation and have planning permission, if required, just send us the details asked for below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Please Note: We are unable to offer "Ball Park Quotes Over The Phone" we will need plans of some form or another as described below.

In order to be able to offer you a quotation we will need the following information:

A• Detailed plan, preferably to scale.
• The post code location where the building is to be erected.
• Details of the type and size of doors, including personnel doors.
• Details of how many windows or sky lights (if any) type and size.
• Insulation details if needed.
• Any further information you might think relevant.

You can either send the information and plans by post to:

Barretts Leisure Ltd. 347 Leverington Common, Leverington, Wisbech, Cambs, PE13 5JR Phone: 01945 410 361

Concrete Garage Foundations

Garage foundations are required to transmit the load of the building safely to the ground. BRTherefore, all sectional buildings should have adequate foundations (normally concrete), which will vary from one project to another depending on the circumstances of each case.

These concrete foundations can be cast as deep-fill (filling most of the trench) or shallow-fill (where the minimum thickness to transfer the load to the soil is provided).

There are other types of concrete foundations that may be used if the ground conditions do not make trench fill practicable. It is advisable to contact a structural engineer or speak to building control for further advice.

Factors to be taken into account of when designing a foundation:

Type of soil

The type of soil that the foundation will sit on is important for two reasons:

Firstly, it should be able to bear the weight (load) of the foundation and the extension - different soils have different load bearing capabilities.
Secondly, the way it reacts to variations in moisture content (such as in prolonged rainy or dry seasons) can lead to the soil expanding or contracting.
This is a particular issue with some clay soils.
These changes mainly occur up to a certain depth (typically about 0.75m) therefore foundations should be made deeper so they are not affected by ground movement (although see "Trees" below).

Adjacent structures

It is important to ensure that the excavation for the new foundation does not undermine adjacent structures.
In general it is good practice to excavate at least to the same depth as the bottom of the foundation to the adjacent building.
If the excavation runs alongside an existing footing then care will be needed - for example, by excavating and concreting the foundation in shorter sections to avoid undermining a whole length of an adjacent structure (see also guidance on the Party Wall Act).


Trees will draw moisture from the ground around them and beyond through their root system.
As moisture is drawn from the ground it will have a tendency to shrink. How much the ground will shrink will depend on the following factors:

Type of soil

Clay soils shrink more than other types of soil.
Therefore excessive movement of the ground could cause damage to the foundation and the structure it supports.

Size and type of tree

How large a tree or shrub will grow (its mature height), and the tree type will determine how much moisture it generally draws from the ground.
The presence of trees in clay soil areas can mean foundations need to be significantly deeper than might be first expected, although if the trees are far enough away, there may be no impact.


If existing trees are removed or significantly reduced in size, all or some of the moisture in the root system will be released over time into the soil and, if the soil is clay for example, could cause swelling of the soil and damage to nearby foundations and structure(s) supported.

Drains and sewers

As the weight (load) from the foundation of a building is transferred to the soil it spreads downwards outside the footprint of the foundation at a typical angle of 45 degrees.
If a drain or sewer is within the area covered by that 45 degrees area there is a risk that it could be affected by the load from the foundation and possibly crack.
Therefore,the foundation excavation should normally be at least to the same depth as the bottom (invert) of the deepest part of the drain, sewer or its trench.

Size and construction of new building

The foundation will need to support more weight (load) from a two storey building compared to a single storey.
This has a significant factor in determining design, particularly in respect of its depth and width.
This is directly related to the bearing capacity of the soil supporting it.
The width of the foundation is also governed by the wall thickness.

Ground condition

Generally the topsoil is taken away and good undisturbed ground is found i.e. ground that has not been built on.
In some cases there are areas which have previously been backfilled, such as above where drains have been laid or to level a site, which consist generally of soft, mixed soil with foreign objects.
The foundation can not be poured until undisturbed ground has been found.

Landfill sites

Some properties have been constructed on landfill sites which may require a more extensive form of foundation like piling as the depth of undisturbed ground could be many metres deep.
An alternative may be a "raft" foundation. A structural engineer will be able to advise you further.

For health and safety reasons, care should be taken when working in trenches due to the risk of collapse causing potentially serious injury.


This is an introductory guide and is not a definitive source of legal information and has been extracted from the government planning portal

Visit the portal and read in full.

NOTE: This guidance relates to the planning regime for England. Policy in Wales and Scotland may differ. If in doubt contact your Local Planning Authority
Planning Permission
Bald concrete garages

Do I Need Planning Permission When Building a Conncrete Garage

What is planning permission and what does it mean? Under certain conditions, which we will go into later, you will need to apply to your Local Planning Authority known as the LPA to build your garage.

The most common reason why you have to apply for planning permission is if you’re going to purchase a prefab garage over 2.5 m in height.
It is always advisable to seek the advice of the LPA if in doubt, are very reasonable about these sorts of things and will advise you.

Mostly your LPA will be connected with your local authority officers, just ring their switchboard and asked to be put through to the appropriate department.

These are a few pointers to help you on your way.

There are quite a few circumstances where you will need planning permission.
We can only generalising here as they differ in different parts of the country.

• Will your new concrete garage be more than 2.5 m high?
• Is it likely that your new prefabricated garage will cover more than half of your garden?
• Will the garage protrude in front of the building line of your house?
• Is it within 1 m of your house or bungalow?
• Is it going to be a lean to?
• Does the ground plan of the building exceed 30 m² or a total cubic area of 70 m²?
If any of the above applies then it is most likely, or at least advisable, to contact your LPA.

How do I go about applying for planning permission?

If it turns out that you do need planning permission then you will be asked to fill out an application form and return it to your LPA.
You also require some drawings of the garage you intend to purchase; Garages-UK can supply these for you.
You will need to submit these plans along with form and any other information that your LPA is likely to request.

It is always best from the outset to discuss the project with your neighbours to see if they have any objections and to give you the opportunity to resolve their concerns if they end of line have any.

We also advise you to ask at the outset what the submission fee will be and discuss with them things like access to the property, power and phone lines.

For more detailed information may be suggested you click on the photo above which will take you directly to the government planning Portal where many of your concerns and questions will be answered.

If you phone our agent 101945410361 we will do our best to answer your question to the best of our ability, although in the end you will need to make contact with your LPA.

Bald Garages

We have been asked many times to supply a garage without the Multi-spar finish, or as we say 'Bald', so that the walls can be painted to match the surrounding buildings.

This school had the perfect solution for their storage shed. The store was supplied 'Bald' without the multi-spar chipping's and the teachers and children painted the building with their own take on the four seasons!

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